Jada Merchants Perfume & Aftershaves Store opens in Arthurs Quay in mid-December 2020.


Jada Perfume Emporium was established in 2016 to introduce Al Haramain Perfumes & associated companies great perfume and Arabic Incense range into the Irish and Western Markets. The demands for Oriental fragrances is rapidly growing with the majority of the western perfumers exploring these unique ingredients and fragrances. Jada Merchant Irl Is only authorised retail and wholesale distributor for the Irish market.


Opening Times:
Mom - Sat 10am - 6pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays 2pm - 6pm
Location: Ground Floor - Kiosk 3
Telephone: 061-634002
Email: info@jada.ie
Website: https://www.jada.ie/